Sunset on lake


“Create” begins to immediately empower a shift in consciousness from the stressed out busyness of our everyday world into sacred [...]

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Pond In Fall


“Explore” opens awareness of all that is within and issues an invitation investigate “reality” in the infinite world inside our [...]

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Pond in winter


“Flute” draws your attention to the spaces between things. The breath begins and ends. There is silence. There is sound. [...]

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Dragon fly on rock


“Focus” Shifts the energy into awakening. The melody begins to soar above the mundane evoking the ability of dreamers to [...]

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bubbles and leaves


“See” continues the uplifting movement in awareness. Experience the release of what was and the allowing of new realizations… New [...]

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“Flow” invites you to return to the Source of all things. Where you are invited to allow your busy, anxious, [...]

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